The following are the details of the relationships that Antwon 'Skills' Taylor has been a part of throughout and before the series.

Bevin Mirskey
Start Up: Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades
Ended: Between Season 4 and Season 5

Relationship: Girlfriend
Details: Bevin started to have a crush on Skills and picked him for the fantasy boy draft and after 'notebooking him' the two started to date and enjoyed a comfortable and close relationship fell in love and went on breaks together and meet each other's parents before breaking up.

Deb Lee
Start Up: Hate Is Safer Than Love
Ended: Searching for a Former Clarity

Relationship: Girlfriend
Details: After meeting unknown of who it was on a dating site the two began a sexual relationship that was kept secret due to Skills being a friend of Deb's son Nathan. But following the death of one of Skills' pupils their relationship became public and everyone came to accept it. But once Deb realized Skills wanted children she ended the relationship.

Start Up: At some point in Season 6
Ended: Some Roads Lead Nowhere

Relationship: Girlfriend
Details: Skills and Lauren started to date after meeting through Lauren's pupil Jamie Scott and the started to date for almost a year until where they had practicability moved in together when Skills got a job in LA and moved their without Lauren and they didn't kept in contact so she started a relationship with Skills' best friend; Marvin McFadden he returned to win her back but their relationship ended.