As Long As You Follow is a fanfiction of One Tree Hill. This chapter takes place after a day Jacob was shot.


After the events of The Heart of A True Fighter Jacob is still recovering from his gunshot wound at home, but Brooke has no choice in leaving him at home for the day. Before Brooke went off to school Jacob woke up and told her to be careful as the last thing he wants is to lose to his sister. When school starts Peyton is sitting blaming herself for what happened to Jacob as if she felt responsible for what happened to him. At the café Karen and Keith discuss about Jacob's recover and Karen said he's stable from what Brooke has told her. Peyton eventually stopped by after school to see Jacob and Brooke notice that Peyton had placed a picture of the cheerleading team and one of Bevin. The next morning Jacob wakes up still feeling minor pain from his wound and notices the pictures beside his bed with a letter from Peyton telling her she misses him and so does everyone at the school. After reading the letter Peyton left for him Jacob actually went to school not caring if he was still injured and saw that the girls were during cheer practice and he decided to call his girlfriend and as she answered her cell phone she saw Jacob standing there staring at her and she ran over to him with the rest of the cheer squad. Bevin later told Jacob she has missed him when they head to class together and was glad to see him back in school.

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