"Big sister!
Little brother!
― Siblings Jacob and Brooke Davis

Bracob is the sibling relationship of Brooke and Jacob Davis.


Before and during the series

Jacob and Brooke were born to Victoria and Ted Davis. The siblings have grown a special bond when they were little and have grown up to be built in best friends. During the time of Jacob's 11th birthday they found out Jacob has attention deficit disorder and would need to be placed in a behavioral school for kids with his problems, but Brooke would not have it as she wanted her baby brother with her and Peyton. By Jacob's 14th birthday he fell ill and needed to be treated which Brooke helped with considering she cares about her baby brother so much. When Jacob was playing football at his school from the junior leagues and most of his freshman year of high school Brooke went to all of Jacob's games as she would never miss seeing little brother playing football unless she was at cheer practice. Years later Jacob was at his school for one last year and he had a meeting with his teachers, Brooke, Brooke's teachers and their parents to determine if he should go to Tree Hill High. After graduating Jacob lived with Brooke until he decided he wanted to go back home to marry Rachel.


  • The siblings are inseparable.
  • Jacob and Brooke were born in March.
  • Jacob had always looked up to Brooke.
  • Both went to Tree Hill High, but Jacob had special education classes.
  • In The Heart of A True Fighter Brooke was very scared for Jacob's life when she learned he was shot outside of their house.
  • During the events of The King of Iron Fist Jacob told Brooke the truth about punching a bully who called him retarded and about the boxing match which made Brooke disappointed.
  • Brooke always took care of Jacob when their parents constatly argued.
  • When they were babies they shared the same playpen.
  • Jacob always looks out for Brooke and vice versa.
  • They bonded at a young age.

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