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Chelsea Kane Staub was born on September 15, 1988, in Phoenix, Arizona. She has been known professionally as Chelsea Kane since December 2010. She portrayed Tara Richards, a recurring character in Season 9 of One Tree Hill.

Before getting involved in One Tree Hill, Chelsea is notable for several works on the Disney Channel network. She starred in Disney Channel Original Movies, Minutemen and Starstruck. She was also a star of the television show, Jonas L.A., and she voiced the main character of animated show, Fish Hooks.

Since her role in One Tree Hill, she has been starring in Baby Daddy.


  • She dropped her original last name, Staub, because people couldn't pronounce it.
  • Kane is originally her middle name.
  • She is the ex-girlfriend of One Tree Hill star, Stephen Colletti, and singer Brian Dales.
  • Brian Dales of The Summer Set wrote a song about her, titled "Chelsea", she's also featured in the music video for the song.