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Cooper lee oth
Cooper Lee
Full name: Cooper Lee
Status: Alive
Occupation: Auto racer
Nickname: Coop
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Height: 6'3"
Marital status: Single
Significant Other/s: Rachel Gatina
(ex-girlfriend: S3)

Carrie (ex wife)

Family: Deborah "Deb" Lee
(older sister)
Nathan Scott
(nephew, via Dan and Deb)
Jamie Scott
(great-nephew, via Nathan and Haley)
Lydia Scott
(great-niece, via Nathan and Haley)
Portrayed By: Michael Trucco
First Appearance: "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning"
(episode 2.19)
Last Appearance: "Things I Forgot at Birth"
(episode 4.02)
Episode Count: 6

Cooper Lee is the younger brother of Deb Lee and the maternal uncle of Nathan Scott. Confident and charming, he often clashed with his former brother-in-law, Dan Scott. While visiting Tree Hill in season three, Cooper began a relationship with high school student Rachel Gatina, but he broke up with her upon learning the truth of her age. As a result of his decision to end their relationship, Rachel confronted him at Nathan and Haley's wedding. The confrontation would eventually escalate to the point of Rachel driving off with Cooper in the wedding limousine and running off the Molina Bridge. Upon his recovery, Cooper left Tree Hill after refusing to forgive Rachel for faking a pregnancy.

Character arcEdit

Season 2Edit

In season two, Cooper is first seen arriving at his nephews's apartment. Cooper's sister, Deb Lee, had told him about Nathan's recent split from Haley James Scott. Once Cooper arrives, he makes comments about Nathan's relationship with Haley about how she is blind or that Nathan's "gear" isn't that great. Cooper invites Nathan to go to a race car track which Nathan brings along Lucas. At the race car track, Nathan starts to go at a very high speed while thinking of his memories of Haley and how it went down hill with Chris Keller. Nathan crashes into the wall trying to kill himself.

Season 3Edit

Cooper makes his return to Nathan and Haley's apartment and reveals that he is going out with a young model. Mouth is heartbroken over Rachel turning him down and saying he's too good for her. He goes to her and realizes she's with another man, which is Cooper. Mouth doesn't have a clue who Cooper is until he is walking with Brooke and points out Cooper and tells her that is who Rachel has been with. At a Raven's basketball game, Rachel is cheering until she spots Cooper and she slowly backs away. However, once Nathan scores the winning basket, Cooper is shown clapping and he sees Rachel in her cheerleading uniform. Cooper ends the relationship because of the age difference even though Rachel uses her body to persuade Cooper into sleeping with her again. At Nathan and Haley's wedding, Rachel gets drunk and makes a toast about Cooper. He follows her out the door and she takes the limo that was supposed to be Nathan and Haley's wedding limo. While driving, Rachel persuades Cooper to be with her and every time he refuses. To get his attention, Rachel reveals that she is pregnant. Cooper is in shock and Rachel takes control of the wheel. Nathan and Haley took another car to the airport and they happened to be passing by when Rachel and Cooper were fighting over the wheel, Cooper drives the limo off of the bridge. The ending scene is Nathan diving into the water after them and Haley screaming.

Season 4Edit

After the accident, Rachel wakes up and goes to talk to Cooper. When she enters his room, he asks if the baby is alright, Rachel reveals she lied about being pregnant and Cooper doesn't want anything to do with Rachel anymore.


  • Rachel Gatina
    • Start Up: Before "I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me" (3x19)
    • Break Up: "Everyday Is A Sunday Evening" (3x20)
      • Reason: Cooper learned Rachel was still in High School.

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