The following are the details of Deb Lee's family.

Nathan Scott
Relationship: Son
Details: When Nathan was younger, Deb was never there for him and was often off travelling for her job leaving Nathan alone with Dan how bullied him. In most of Nathan's high school years, Deb became addicted to drugs to the point where she picked her pills over him. Eventually, Deb went to rehab for her addiction. Nathan and his wife, Haley moved in to help her not relapse. After the birth of Jamie, Deb and Nathan form a good relationship with Deb being Jamie's nanny to help the Scott family. She later returned to help Haley when Nathan was kidnapped.

Jamie Scott
Relationship: Grandson
Details: Jamie is Deb's only grandson and first grandchild. During Haley's pregnancy with Jamie, Deb cared very much to her unborn grandchild and invited Haley and Nathan to move in with her. After Jamie's birth, Deb took very much care ifhim. 4 years later, Deb came back to Tree Hill to become Jamie's nanny and she spent most of her time with him. They formed a very close bond with each other.

Lydia Scott
Relationship: Granndaughter
Details: Lydia is Deb's only granddaughter and second grandchild. Deb wasn't in Tree Hill at Lydia's birth, but she was her for the first time when she came back to Tree Hill due to Nathan's kindnaping.

Haley James Scott
Relationship: Daughter-in-law
Details: While Haley and Nathan were dating, Deb had a good relationship with Haley, seeing her as a good influence to Nathan. However, they got married, she resented Haley for taking her son away. Deb ans Haley soon made up and became very close. Haley tried to help Deb through her drug problems and Deb with Haley being a teen mother.

Cooper Lee
Relationship: Brother
Details: Deb and Cooper had a very close relationship. He was very protective of her in regards to her husband Dan. The two didn't regularly see each other, but once Deb and Dan separated, Cooper came to stay with her to protect her and they became close again despite her issues with his relationship with Rachel Gatina.

Dan Scott
Relationship: Ex-husband
Details: Dan and Deb's relationship only became very serious when she became pregnant. They both became unhappy in the relationship after time, leading Deb to over work and Dan to put more pressure on their son. 16 years after they got married, they separated but it took them 2 years to finally divorce after recoiling and several murder attempts on each other. They continued to have a difficult relationship whenever they meet each other especially through their son and grandson and it was only when Dan died that they recoiled.