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The following are the details of the relationships that Deb Lee has been a part of throughout and before the series.

Dan Scott

Dan Scott
Start Up: Before Pilot
Marriage: Before Pilot
Break Up: With Arms Outstretched
Divorce: How a Resurrection Really Feels
Relationship: Divorced
Details: When Dan left Karen Roe pregnant with his child to attend college, he met Deb. Soon enough, the two fell in love and Deb fell pregnant. Originally a happy family, Deb ended up working away from home to avoid seeing her son and bullied and pressurised by his father. Deb eventually returns to Dan and their marriage becomes sour. Unable to get away from Dan through divorce, Deb turns to pills and alcohol as well as Dan's brother, Keith Scott. Eventually, the couple split after years of distancing themselves, and they got divorced

Keith Scott

Keith Scott
Start Up: The Games That Play Us

Relationship: Fling
Details: Keith and Deb had always had a good relationship following her marriage to Keith's brother Dan Scott but following their break Keith was helping Deb clear out Dan's stuff and with the help of alcohol the two had a one night stand. But it wasn't followed by any other romantic feelings although they maintain a good ad close relationship.

Bucko the Clown

Bucko the Clown
Start Up: Life Is Short

Relationship: Fling
Details: Deb hired Bucko for her grandson's fifth birthday party and following some light teasing the two slept together and Bucko even defend Deb against her ex-husband Dan Scott but that was all that happen in their relationship.

Skills Taylor

Skills Taylor
Start Up: Hate Is Safer Than Love
Break Up: Searching for a Former Clarity
Relationship: Boyfriend
Details: After meeting unknown of who it was on a dating site the two began a sexual relationship that was kept secret due to Skills being a friend of Deb's son Nathan. But following the death of one of Skills' pupils their relationship became public and everyone came to accept it. But once Deb realized Skills wanted children she ended the relationship.

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