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Evans House
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Evans House
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Not to be confused with the Evans-James house.

This home was home where lived Clay Evans and his wife Sara and their baby son Logan.


Clay Evans and Sara moved in this home before Clay get a job. Later Sara asked Clay in marriage and Clay answered yes and the both married. Eventually Sara gave birth to their son and they decorated a nursery for Logan. But Sara died in the house and Clay and Logan moved out.


Living Room

The living room adjoined to the Kitchen with the bar. The room was large and light (like the kitchen). The dining table was in center of the room. It was renctengular and white and have four red-orange chairs. A seating area was also arranged with a sofa and a chair and with coffee table. Shelves was against a wall. There was also a turntable. Sara is died in the living room after dancing with her husband in the room.


The kitchen adjoined to the Living Room by the bar. It was large and light. The kitchen furnitures were white and the kitchen workplan which was black. The domestic appliance was modern and had a simple formula. It was in the kitchen that Sara proposed Clay and Clay sayed yes.


Logan's room's walls were painted in blue and the name of Logan was writed in 'could fashion' on the center walls. The cradle was in light wood and a mobil for baby with 4 little planes. A chair was near of the cradle. Different stuffed animals (panda and bear) and toys were dispersed in the room. There was also a picture of Clay and Sara.

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