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Focus qj
Quinn James Photography
Type: Art gallery
Photographic studio
Established: 2015
Founded by: Quinn James
Status: Operating
Owned by: Quinn James
Location(s): Tree Hill, North Carolina
First Appearance: "At the Bottom of Everything"
(episode 7.17)

Focus was the photo gallery and studio of photographer Quinn James. Focus was opened after Quinn was prompted by her dying mother to have her own gallery.


Season 7

To support her daughter's vocation in photography, Lydia James prompted Quinn James to purchase her own gallery and studio. In order to do so, Lydia praised a local for six months and Quinn began to prepare her gallery studio for a public opening.

Gallery and studio



The gallery room featured dark wooden floors and walls in brick and rough stones. There also had large white panels in angles that resembled walls where some photos could be displayed. The gallery also featured a slightly more elevated back room, with three steps leading to a black bar. During the gallery's opening gala in season seven, Alexander Coyne and Victoria Davis are caught in the act of sexual relations in this back room.

Notable works

Opening gala


To celebrate the opening of her gallery and studio Quinn and Clay (her partner) organized a party where people can see and possibly buy her photos. The inauguration passed well since Victoria Davis and Alexander were discovered in the back-show, which, according to Haley, has tempered the party.


Opening photos

Title Photo Trivia Bought by
Sisters byqj
Equipment: Nikon D700; Nikon 18-150 mm, f3.-4.5 USM Haley James Scott
The photo has pushed Julian Baker to help Alex Dupre
Clay Evans
Photo of Quinn's partner Katie Ryan


  • Quinn's first buyer was her younger sister, Haley James Scott, who purchased the photo titled Sisters.

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