The following are the details of Haley James Scott's family

James Scott

Nathan Scott
Relationship: Husband
Details: Haley and Nathan married during high school, and at the end of their senior year came their first child 'Jamie Scott.' The two have dealt with many issues and overcome each one of them. Each pursuing their own dreams and working together as a family, their experiences have only brought them together stronger than ever. See Main Article: Here

Jamie Scott
Relationship: Son
Details: During her senior year of high school, Haley fell pregnant with Nathan's child. At their graduation, she went into labor and gave birth to a healthy boy James Lucas Scott. Often referred to as Jamie, Haley and him developed a very close relationship after his father, Nathan, became depressed after an accident forced him into a wheelchair. It is obvious that Haley will do anything for her child and has had to protect him from their nanny, Carrie, who tried to kidnap him. Due to both his parent's lifestyles, Jamie has been forced into the real world early on in life, but Haley ensures he is still given the opportunity to be a child and not dwelling on any negatives that may occur in their lives. Obviously her number one priority, Haley is always ensuring Jamie is safe and happy, always putting him before her in every decision she makes.

Lydia Scott
Relationship: Daughter
Details: Due to Haley's pregnancy with Lydia she was able to get through her depression due to her mother's death. Once Lydia is born, Haley cares for her daughter.

Jimmy James

Jimmy James
Relationship: Father
Details: Haley's parents are very relaxed and easy going. The youngest of five, Haley's parents were used to children and were their behavior, especially in high school. However, Haley was different to her sisters, something her father found hard to believe. Both parents took a relaxed approach to parenting informing their child at a young age about sex. When Haley told her parents that she was marrying Nathan, Jimmy was very reluctant. It took the persuasion of his wife Lydia before he eventually grew to like the idea and become a witness at their wedding. After Haley got married, Jimmy and Lydia left Tree Hill with no doubt that Haley could manage life without them. But she was deeply devastated by his death.

Lydia James

Lydia James
Relationship: Mother
Details: Taking a relaxed approach to parenting their children, Haley's mom assumed that she was pregnant they day she told them that her and Nathan were getting married. Learning they were doing it out of love, Lydia was shocked at the idea, but eventually came round to it. Her father, Jimmy, was not too keen but Lydia persuaded him due to them getting married at such a young age. The two ended up being the side of the family who were supportive of the young couple's marriage and even became a witness at their wedding. But when Lydia returned to Tree Hill following touring the country she struggled to deal with Lydia's cancer and her eventual death (with a Haley at her side) put Haley into a deep depression and was only able to moved on after the birth of her second child, a daughter Lydia
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Taylor James

Taylor James
Relationship: Sister
Details: Haley's eldest sister, Taylor, is a completely different character to Haley. She is known for her wild behavior and inappropriateness way of life. She used to make brownies for her family, with drugs in them, and sleeping around in high school led to her taking Nathan Scott's virginity in high school. After graduating, Taylor moved towns and eventually returned home to live with a very reluctant Haley. Once departing Tree Hill, after supporting Haley in her decision to go on tour, Taylor is often unspoken of. She is a sour topic in the Scott household, but is often mistaken for Quinn James, Haley's other sister. She later returned and caused Haley great upset due to sleeping with Quinn's ex-husband but following the death of her mother the two grew closer and help to resolve some of their issues.

Quinn James

Quinn James
Relationship: Sister
Details: While growing up Quinn and Haley were very close and grew to rely on each other for emotional support. However, being slightly older than Haley, Quinn left the family after she found love with her husband David but she and Haley remained close despite being apart. After her marriage broke down, Quinn returned to her sister Haley looking for support and familiar faces. She was welcomed with open arms and stayed with Haley, Nathan and Jamie. Since, the girl's relationship has grown stronger by each day and the two have become inseparable. Haley has always tried to help Quinn and attempted to get her together with her ex-husband, and failed. However, Quinn's relationship with Clayton and her siding with him after he failed to renew Nathan's NBA caused the two sisters struggled to let the argument come between them, especially after Haley asserted some of the fault to Quinn for distracting Clay. Quinn then left the house, fracturing her relationship with Haley who told her that she no longer admired her. But they quickly recoiled and had to support each other through the death of their mother which lead to Haley's depression. Quinn stepped in to care for Jamie and help Haley through. When Quinn was shot Haley remained with her sister throughout the ordeal and helping her recover and deal with Clay. Once these issues were dealt with Quinn was very supportive and hands on during Haley's second pregnancy resulting in her being named the godmother. When Nathan's went missing it was Quinn Haley relied on to help her and once again care for Jamie.

Three Unnamed Brothers
Relationship: Brothers
Details: The three are Haley's older brothers. Alongside Vivian, Taylor and Quinn they grew up in the town of Tree Hill with their sister Haley. Although they are siblings, there is little known about the brother's and Haley's relationship and it is believed that not much contact is made between the two.

Vivian James

Vivian James
Relationship: Sister
Details: Vivian is one of Haley's older sisters. Alongside Taylor and Quinn, Vivian grew up in the town of Tree Hill with her sister Haley. Although they are siblings, there is little known about Vivian and Haley's relationship and it is believed that not much contact is made between the two.

Dan Scott

Dan Scott
Relationship: Father-in-law
Details: After marrying her husband, Haley was forced to talk in a new father, Dan Scott. The dark criminal, Dan Scott was never fond of his son's relationship with Haley. After accusing Haley of trying to get pregnant and threatening her, Dan eventually took advantage of Haley and Nathan's vulnerable relationship and tried to organize a divorce. Although his plans never worked, Haley was never fond of her father in law. After he was found to be behind Keith Scott's murder, Haley had little to do with him and as a couple both Nathan and Haley avoided him. Eventually, Haley made an effort to see him when her son, Jamie, found out he was going to die. The events that followed saw Haley distancing her family further away from Dan until he left Tree Hill

Deb Lee

Deb Lee
Relationship: Mother-in-law
Details: After marrying Nathan, Deb, the promiscuous, alcoholic became part of her family. After some initial doubt, Deb eventually accepted Haley into her family realising how good she is for Nathan. After the birth of her son, Jamie, Deb became even closer to Haley and helped her out around the house, calling herself 'Nanny Deb.' Haley was grateful for Deb's different but helpful ways to help run the Scott household and put up with her strange behaviourisms such as reaching for the alochol and sleeping with different people, this is something she soon grew used to. Deb also saved Haley and her son from the villainous Carrie as well as doing her best to keep the family from her ex-husband, Dan Scott. After beginning and ending a relationship with Skills, Deb decided to leave the Scott household but is believed to still have regular contact with Haley and her family.

Lucas Scott

Lucas Scott
Relationship: Brother-in-law
Details: Before she married Nathan and became the sister-in-law of Lucas, Haley was best friends with him. Growing up together, the two share many fond memories and traditions and survived high school beside each other. Although they had troubles at times, Haley and Lucas always made up and became each other's 'rock.'The two continued their close relationship throughout their adult years and this never esculated into a romance, it remained a true friendship. When Haley gave birth to her child, Jamie, Lucas lived with her for a while to support the married couple and eventually grew close to Jamie. Lucas has always been a supportive best friend and both him and Haley have always been there for each other. Now Lucas has departed Tree Hill, he is believed to still maintain regular contact with Haley keeping their close friendship running.

Peyton Scott

Peyton Scott
Relationship: Sister-in-law
Details: Growing up, Haley was the exact example of a girl that Peyton Sawyer would never consider a friend. However, although seen as a popular cheerleader, Peyton found many similarities between herself and Haley, including Nathan Scott. The two began to develop a friendship which eventually grew into a very close friendship. Peyton gave Haley her first chance to perform to an audience and in some ways gave her the push to become the ambitious singer she is now. After high school, Peyton and Haley grew apart due to the distance when Peyton moved to L.A. and also she broke up with Haley's best friend, Lucas Scott. When she returned to Tree Hill to win back Lucas, Haley reluctantly came round to the idea and she eventually wed both Peyton and Lucas on the day of their wedding. Haley also signed on to Peyton's record label, Red Bedroom Records which she now manages when Peyton departed Tree Hill.
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Clay Evans
Relationship: Brother-in-law
Details: Clay and Haley had been friends due to Clays close relationship as to start with Clay being Haley's husband Nathan's agent. But Clay soon became a good friend to the Scott family and even more so when he started to date Quinn. Haley and Clay have a good relationship supporting each other and their spouses through tough times like Clay and Quinn's shooting and Nathan being kidnapped.

Logan Evans
Relationship: Nephew
Details: Logan is Haley's adoptive nephew following Quinn's marriage and adoptive to the Evans family. Quinn has a very close relationship with Haley so its likely Haley would spend a lot of time with Logan also both Logan and Haley's son Jamie got along so its likely there were many family gatherings were the two would spend time together.

Sawyer Scott

Sawyer Scott
Relationship: Niece
Details: After Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer rekindled their romance, Peyton fell pregnant with her first child, Sawyer. Haley was on hand to give advice and help out as much as she could during Peyton's pregnancy and could not wait at the opportunity to meet her niece. Once born, Haley was thrilled at her new niece and is believed to have kept close contact with Sawyer, Lucas and Peyton.
Scott family

Lily Roe Scott
Relationship: Cousin
Details: Haley and Lily had a very similar relationship to the one between Haley's husband Nathan. It was a good relationship and Haley had a connect to Lily due to her relationship with Karen and having a son the same age as Lily but because they didn't live close to each other they didn't have much contact.

Keith Scott
Relationship: Uncle
Details: Haley had known Keith since she was young due to being a close part of Keith's family with Karen and Lucas so she would often see him and interact with him at Karen's Cafe and over events and the two got on well. Haley was thrilled when Karen and Keith got together having seen the attraction before. Haley was deeply sadden by Keith's death and helped Karen through it. Afterwards she told Dan that she loved Keith and missed him everyday.

Cooper Lee
Relationship: Uncle
Details: Haley had a good relationship with Cooper after meeting him days before her second wedding - it was very fun and natural and Cooper would often joke that Haley was to good for Nathan. But after the car crash Haley was quick to defend Cooper from Rachel while he was unconscious.

Royal Scott
Relationship: Grandfather-in-law
Details: Haley only met Royal once during the beginnings of her relationship with Nathan. He had come to Karen's Cafe to ask after Karen and Lucas before the dinner and wanted it kept a secret but Haley told Nathan and Royal became aggressive towards her and Nathan had to defend Haley. Its unknown if they ever meant after this.

May Scott
Relationship: Grandmother-in-law
Details: Haley only every meant May once and she seemed to approve of her grandsons relationship with Haley and both were very polite towards each other but didn't have very much interaction.

Davis Baker
Relationship: Godson
Details: Haley is the godmother of her best friend Brooke's twin sons. Haley knew the vish of Brooke to have children and when Brooke announced to Haley her pregnancy Haley was very happy for Brooke. Later, during Brooke's pregnancy Haley hepled her and doesn't want Brooke overworked

Jude Baker
Relationship: Godson
Details: Haley is the godmother of her best friend Brooke's twin sons. Haley knew the vish of Brooke to have children and when Brooke announced to Haley her pregnancy Haley was very happy for Brooke. Later, during Brooke's pregnancy Haley hepled her and doesn't want Brooke overworked.