The following are the details of the relationships that Haley James Scott has been a part of throughout and before the series.

Nathan Scott

Nathan Scott
Start Up: The Search For Something More
Marriage: Between The Games That Play Us and The Desperate Kingdom of Love

Relationship: Husband
Details: During their years in high school, Haley and Nathan were always opposites. Haley enjoyed school and tutoring, whereas Nathan enjoyed basketball and failed several classes. With the addition of Lucas Scott on the Ravens basketball team, Nathan was introduced to Haley James. Originally a tactic to make Lucas want to leave the team, he grew closer to Haley and developed feelings for her overtime. They were married in the middle their junior year of high school and waited to have sex until their wedding night. At graduation, during Haley's valedictorian speech, she went into labour and gave birth to their first child, James Lucas Scott who was followed years later by a daughter; Lydia Bob Scott. The couple have also faced many struggles. They faced a distant relationship when Haley went off on a music tour not long after they got married, which nearly brought their relationship to an end. Similarly, their child's nanny, Carrie, caused trouble by flirting with Nathan, and also when another woman claimed to be carrying Nathan's child as he slept with her during a drunken party night, but in the end, this allegation was proven to be false. The couple have managed to stick together during thick and thin, following their separate dreams successfully and remaining together through it all.

Chris Keller

Chris Keller
Start Up: Truth, Bitter Truth
Ended: The Leavers Dance

Relationship: Attraction
Details: While following her dream of singing, Chris Keller showed up in Haley's life. Also a dedicated musician, cocky Chris began flirting with Haley and they even recorded a duet together, a cover of 'When the Stars Go Blue'.Although still with Nathan, Haley was asked to leave with Chris on tour, and although initally refusing, she went with him as an opening act for the Wreckers. Whilst away, Haley was forced into pretending the two were a couple, and even removed her wedding ring during her seperation from Nathan. Once convinced by her friends back in Tree Hill, Haley flew home after being threatened with divorce papers from Nathan. This saw the end of her never-existing relationship with Chris who even helped get their marriage back on track after he realized Haley and Nathan had an unbreakable connection. Since the end of the tour, Haley has less than fond memories of Chris and, even though they did not sleep together, does not like to mention that part of her life.
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