Lucas Scott
Relationship: Best Friends
Details: Haley and Lucas have known each other for a long time and they have been best friends for a long time. They had a small fight when Lucas found out she was tutoring Nathan and when Haley saw him and Peyton kiss when he was dating Brooke, which was the reason she didn't want to go to the hospital when Lucas got into a car accident. Lucas is Haley's son's godfather and uncle. Lucas came back to Tree Hill to help Haley by taking care of Jamie and Lydia. This way Haley could focus on finding Nathan

Peyton Sawyer
Relationship: Close Friends
Details: Haley and Peyton didn't like each other at firs because they where in different groups in high school. Peyton started to get closer to Haley's best friend Lucas Scott and one night they where drivinghome with Brooke and they started to get closer. Peyton was a brides maid at Haley's wedding and Haley was the minister at Peyton's wedding. Peyton helped Nathan after his accident and Haley helped Peyton when she was pregnant.

Brooke Davis
Relationship: Best Friends
Details: Haley and Brooke were strangers at first but they became friends after Peyton became friends with Haley. Haley is the godmother Brooke's children and Brooke is Jamie's godmother. Brooke babysat Jamie when Haley went to work and helped out with getting her and Jamie's minds off Nathan's accident, they love and care for eachother

Antwon "Skills" Taylor
Relationship: Friends
Details: Skills and Haley have been friends for a long time. They know each other through Lucas and the River Court. Skills cares about Jamie and Haley.
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