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Ian Kellerman

Portrayed by Eric McIntire

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Ian Kellerman
Baseball Player
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Ian Kellerman was August Kellerman's son. He played baseball and was a client for Nathan and Clay's agency.

Character History

Season 8

He was first introduced by Clay as a potential client for Fortitude.

Following the car crash that nearly took Brooke and Jamie's lives, the driver of the vehicle who crashes into the car they were in remains a mystery. This until Nathan and Clay travel to see Ian to sign a contract with him, only having lost a game of beer pong against the two potential agents. Upon visiting the toilet, Nathan spots the dented 4x4 in Ian's garage, with a finished bottle of alcohol inside. Nathan believes at first that it was Ian's father, August. Nathan accuses August of this issue and later August admits that he was the one driving. Later, Nathan, Ian, and Clay are at the bar when Ian asks Chase to pour four shots of the same kind of alcohol that was inside the car that crashed into Brooke and Jamie. Nathan then realizes he made a mistake when accusing August. Nathan, Clay and Julian drive Ian to the bridge where he hit Brooke and Jamie. Ian, although apologizing, shows no remorse for his actions as he would rather focus on his baseball career and views nobody dying as him and the agency dodging a bullet. This prompts an angry Clay to tackle Ian over the bridge, sending them into the water below. Julian jumps in behind them, dunking Ian's head into the water to show him how Brooke and Jamie felt that night. Nathan lastly pulls him out of the water and punches him. 


Throughout his appearances in the show in Season 8, Ian is always with a girl. It isn't until the 17th episode, The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get, we see Alex Dupre texting a mysterious boy. It is only at the end of the episode when Ian texts an 'A.D' that we realise that her mystery man is Ian Kellerman. Unfortunately for him, Alex blows him off in order to spend time with Chase.

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