Jacyton is the official name of best friends Jacob Davis and Peyton Sawyer. Peyton has know Jacob since Jacob was a baby and she was young.

Portrayed by Jacob Lyons and Hilarie Burton

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Little is known about Jacob and Peyton's friendship other then when Peyton was still young she met Jacob when he was hanging out with Brooke. The two never hung out much as Jacob didn't want to get in the way of Peyton and Brooke's friendship. On Jacob's 10 birthday Peyton made him a photo album with pictures of them from Jacob's previous birthdays while also having a drawing of her, him and Brooke. Peyton had been there for Jacob since he was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and wanted to help him through life though she disagreed with his parents decision to send him to a behavioral school because she could homeschool him at her house, but Jacob told her its not an option as Peyton was in junior high at the time. On the night of the dance Jacob and Peyton went together as friends though Jacob was upset about his best friend Claire dying of cancer.


  • They like the same music.


  • Jacob has Attention Deficit Disorder and Peyton does not.


  • Jacob and Peyton are best friends.
  • Peyton was at Claire's funeral.
  • They danced together at Jacob's last dance at his school.
  • After school Jacob would go to Peyton's house to hang out with her.
  • During Jacob's 17th birthday Peyton gave Jacob a kiss on his cheek.
  • During the events of The Heart of A True Fighter Peyton was scared for Jacob's life.
  • Peyton has been by Jacob's side on numerous occasions when he was hurt or sick.
  • Jacob and Peyton shared classes once in awhile if Jacob did not have special education classes.

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