Jevin is the official pairing of and Bevin Mirskey. Jacob and Bevin met at Tree Hill High when Jacob switched from high school.

Portrayed by Jacob Lyons and Bevin Prince

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Like A Man Against The World

The two meet in Like A Man Against The World, but Bevin ended up developing a crush on Jacob. During the episode she sees Jacob and Rachel together and watched them share a kiss making her extremely jealous though she wants her new buddy to be happy. While in gym she asked to sit with him and Jacob said she could and had almost told him she liked him, but she wanted to keep her crush on him to herself for awhile.

All That Goes Up Must Come Down

During the events of All That Goes Up Must Go Down Bevin started to keep quite and wouldn't talk to Jacob for the entire day she doesn't want to ruin her friendship with him or make him mad at her to the point where Jacob doesn't want anything to do with her. During the cheer she saw Jacob getting punched in the face by Rachel accidently as Rachel was trying to hit Brooke and later after Jacob had broken up with Rachel Bevin still had to keep her feelings for Jacob a secret but she told Brooke her heart races every time she sees him.

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