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Learning To Fall
720 h fire

May 3, 2010
Written by
Shaina Fewell & Renee Intlerkofer
Directed by
Greg Prange

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"Learning To Fall" is the twentieth episode of the seventh season of One Tree Hill and the 150th produced episode of the series. Nathan and Haley struggle with the aftermath of her mother's death, while Brooke deals with the fallout of Alexander's tryst with Victoria. Alex discovers a secret about her leading man, Josh, that could derail Julian's film, and Quinn is confronted by an unhinged Katie.


Nathan tosses in bed and rolls over on Haley's side, as he sleeps alone. Haley stands, holding a flower near a fountain. Clay and Quinn sleep in bed as Katie watches from outside his room. Julian takes a bubble bath as he talks to Brooke, who expresses concern that Julian needs to take care of himself as he has a tendency of putting his heart and soul into a project and she wants him to live for a long time. Alex fills Millie in on the events that happened at the art gallery the previous night, such as Alexander and Victoria hooking up. Alex also tells her that Skills punched Mouth, leaving Millie concerned. Miranda expresses her concerns that it is illegal to marry someone to keep them from getting deported, but Grubbs says that it isn't as long as there are real feelings involved. Grubbs tells her to take the night and think about it, and say "I do" in the morning. Alex departs down the hallway with the bucket of ice and goes to get on the elevator. As the doors open, she sees Josh kissing a guy and drops the bucket, as the two stare at each other in shock.

Nathan talks to Haley the next morning and wishes her luck on the music video, as she doesn't say a word. She continues to remain silent and fixes Jamie Chinese food for breakfast, leaving him confused. Brooke shows Victoria a sketch of her and Alexander with his pants down, saying it is their new campaign called "The Blunder from Down Under". Victoria says that her hair is amazing, but that the Australia flag blocking Alexander's genitals needs to be much bigger, leaving Brooke disgusted. Brooke is angry that Victoria decided to display her love in front of all her friends at the art gallery. Victoria says that cougars are in now and smiles as Alexander enters with doughnuts. Brooke angrily tells her to have fun with her cub and walks off. 

Josh goes to Alex's hotel room to explain himself, as Alex gives him 30 seconds. Josh tells her it isn't what she thinks and asks her if she's ever had to do something she didn't mean to do. Josh says that he would appreciate it if she didn't tell anyone about seeing him making out with another guy in the elevator the previous night. Josh apologizes for filming them having sex together and begs her not to tell anyone. However, Alex does the opposite of this and tells Julian and Paul that Josh is gay. Julian is shocked by this revelation given Josh's sexual advances towards women. Paul tells Alex that there isn't going to be a wrap party for the movie as the sex tape being leaked has cost the film an extra million dollars. 

Memorable Quotes

"I see the way he looks at you. But you don't know the way he looked at me the first :time he saw me. He'll never look at you like that. You'll never be Sara."
"Neither will you."
"We'll see about that."
Katie Ryan and Quinn James

"Thanks for stopping by Millie. It means a lot."
"After all you've done for me. it's the least I could do. Can I ask you a question?"
"Do you ever miss me?"
"Of course."
"Thanks. That means a lot, too."
Mouth McFadden and Millicent Huxtable



  • Beat Through by Turtle Giant
  • Beat the Devil's Tattoo by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  • Dance So Good by Wakey! Wakey!
  • Flying Machine by Everly
  • July Flame by Laura Veirs
  • Love's Not Worth It by Lee and Willbee
  • My Heart Still Beats For You by Anna Ternheim
  • Not In Love by Olin and the Moon
  • Sunlight by Turtle Giant
  • The Heart Won't Be Denied by Colin Devlin

This episode's title originated from the song Learning To Fall, originally sung by Boys Like Girls.


Episode References

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