Like A Man Against The World is a fanon episode of One Tree Hill.


One day Jacob's teachers and the prinicple are discussing if Jacob should go to Tree Hill High as he never acted out in class or has gotten into trouble. Back at Tree Hill High Jacob is given a tour of the school when he notices his sister in gym practicing some cheers with the squad when suddenly he caught an interest in Bevin with the look of love on his face implying he likes her. Rachel later helps Jacob around the school with the rest of his tour and said if he needed any help just ask her or the other girls. Later when Jacob had his first gym class at his new school he plays a game of dodgeball which he seems to be very good at as he took everyone of Nathan's teammates and Nathan in a matter of minutes. At home Jacob is talking to Brooke about Bevin and asks if Bevin is with anyone which later made Brooke find out that her baby brother likes Bevin.

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