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Lindcas was the fan-given name for the relationship between Lindsey Strauss and Lucas Scott.

After starting to edit Lucas' first novel, the two began to a romantic relationship and would split their time between Tree Hill and New York. Lucas helped Lindsey through her father's death from cancer during their relationship. The first strains in their relationship began when Lucas' ex-girlfriend Peyton Sawyer returned to Tree Hill, and the couple would engage in numerous fights due to Peyton's obvious feelings for Lucas. Despite this, the two became engaged and began planning their wedding. But on the wedding day, Lindsey couldn't go through with it due to her strong belief that Lucas also had feelings for Peyton; she left him at the altar. Lucas continuously called and e-mailed Lindsey trying to reconcile their relationship, until he finally realized it was over.


Season 5

Lucas and Lindsey have been dating for quite a while, meeting due to the publishment of Lucas's book, An Unkindness of Ravens. Lindsey works at the publishing firm and initially discovered his manuscript. Lucas and Lindsey become romantically involved, with Lindsey going from New York City to Tree Hill frequently to visit him. Eventually Lucas's ex-girlfriend Peyton Sawyer returns to town, putting strife in Lincas's relationship as Peyton is not nice to Lindsey and has obvious feelings for Lucas. The two have a few arguments concerning Peyton but eventually Lucas proposes to Lindsey and she happily accepts. However their happiness is short lived- during her wedding Lindsey realizes Lucas's still existing feelings for Peyton and leaves him at the altar, returning to New York. Lucas tries very hard to get her back but Lindsey eventually tells him that she's in a new relationship. Lucas then stops pursuing her.

Season 6

Lucas briefly visits Lindsey in New York and tells her about his engagement to Peyton. Lindsey is initially annoyed as she and Peyton never got along, but the two part on good terms.


  • They have the same initials: L.E.S (Lucas Eugene Scott and Lindsey Evelyn Strauss).




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