The following are the details of the relationship that Lindsey Strauss has been a part of throughout and before the series.

Lucas Scott
Start Up: Before 4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days
Break Up: Hundred
Relationship: Ex-Fiancé
Details: After starting to edit, Lucas Scott's first novel the two began to enter a romantic relationship and would split their time between; Tree Hill and New York. Lucas helped Lindsey through her father's death from cancer during their relationship. The first strains in their relatioship began when Lucas' ex-girlfriend Peyton Sawyer returned to town and the couple would fight due to Peyton's feelings for Lucas. Despite this the two became engaged and began planning their wedding. However, on their wedding day, Lindsey couldn't go through with their marriage after realizing Lucas still loved Peyton and left him at the altar. Lucas frequently called and e-mailed Lindsey, trying to reconcile their relationship, until he finally realized it was over.