The following are details of the relationships that Mia Catalano has been a part of throughout and before the series.

Start Up: Before My Way Home Is Through You
Break Up: It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Relationship: Ex-Boyfriend
Details: While Mia and Jason where in a band together, they were in a relationship.Jason often ignored Mia and would steal her music and claim it as his own. When Peyton and Haley offered to sign Mia, Jason forced her to choice between him and the label. She chose the label and the two split up.
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Chase Adams
Start Up: A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene
Break Up: What's In The Ground Belongs To You
Relationship: Ex-Boyfriend
Details: After meeting while Chase was working at TRIC and Mia was recording, they start to see each other and quickly start a relationship. When Mia went on her tour, Chase often visited her and supported her.They were together for nearly two years until Mia's second tour. Mia broke up with Chase through a text message due to all the time they spent apart. She soon regretted it, but Chase had already moved on to Alex Dupre.