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Miranda Stone was an employee of John Knight at Sire Records who was sent to close down Red Bedroom Records, the label run by Peyton and, later, Haley. She worked at Red Bedroom Records on behalf of Sire Records. While initially hostile and cold, she showed some loyalty to Haley after she started working at Red Bedroom, standing up for her against a reporter who wanted to discuss Nathan and Renee's scandal. She, however, maintained her ruthless work ethics with Haley in spite of her personal problems, refusing to let her take days off work. However, she was later deported back to England.

Character History

Before the Series

Not much was known about her, apart from that she was a British native and she worked for Sire Records.

Season 7

Miranda came to Tree Hill and, on behalf of Sire Records, threatened to close Red Bedroom. She later confronted an angry Mia, who said that she only records at Red Bedroom. Miranda then decided not to close the label, helping run it and help Haley produce her next album. She then discovered Grubbs, the bartender, played piano and sang beautifully. She tried to convince him to make an album with her, and she succeeded after many attempts. She then learned that her Visa expired, and she had to go back to England, prompting Grubbs to follow her because he loved her.


Romantic Life

Miranda found Grubbs singing and playing the piano, and after several attempts, convinced him to make an album with her. They fell in love and Grubbs proposed to her after she was deported in an attempt to stay with her. She rejected his proposal and returned to England. Grubbs went on tour and go after her.

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