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The following are the details of Nathan Scott's family

Haley James Scott

Haley James Scott
Relationship: Wife
Details: Haley and Nathan married during high school, and at the end of their senior year came their first child 'Jamie Scott.' The two have dealt with many issues and overcome each one of them. Each pursuing their own dreams and working together as a family, their experiences have only brought them together stronger than ever. See Main Article: Here

James Scott

Jamie Scott
Relationship: Son
Details: During Nathan’s senior year of high school, Haley fell pregnant with Nathan's child. At first Nathan was upset about the pregnancy as he thought it would destroy his plans for his future but he soon realises that the baby wouldn’t and he comes around to the idea although being scared he wouldn’t be a good father. At Nathan and Haley’s graduation, she went into labour and gave birth to a healthy boy James Lucas Scott. Often referred to as Jamie, Nathan and him had a strained relationship after Nathan became depressed after an accident forced him into a wheelchair. But when Nathan sees that he’s hurting his family he starts to overcome his depression. Afterwards Nathan and Jamie are very close and share a very special relationship and are like best friends. Also Jamie greatly admires his father and has all his basketball jerseys in his room. They also have a joint passion for basketball and Jamie wants to be just like Nathan. Whenever Nathan is doing something its always his main priority that it will not negatively affect his family.

Lydia Scott
Relationship: Daughter
Details: Nathan has a very good relationship with his daughter - he was able to be around to raise her more than with Jamie after retiring from the NBA so spent a lot of time with her developing a deep bond.

Dan Scott

Dan Scott
Relationship: Father
Details: Nathan and his father never got along as Dan was always bullying Nathan into Basketball and Nathan was always trying to do better than his father. But when Nathan's wife Haley fell pregnant they formed a stronger bond until it was revealed Dan killed Keith. After Dan was realized from jail Dan tried to recoil their relationship and once Dan rescued Haley and Jamie but Nathan and Dan's relationship remained bitter even after Dan proved, Renee wasn't pregnant with Nathan child although Nathan allowed Dan to have a relationship with Jamie. Dan and Nathan's relationship wouldn't become strong again until Dan rescued Nathan from kidnappers and jumped in front of a bullet to save Nathan's life. The two make amends with each other, shortly before Dan dies from his gunshot wound.

Deb Lee

Deb Lee
Relationship: Mother
Details: When Nathan was younger Deb was never their for him and was often off travelling for her job leaving Nathan alone with Dan how bullied him. And in most of his high school years Deb became addicted to drugs and once even picking pills over Nathan. But Deb went to rehab and Nathan and his wife, Haley moved in to help her not relapse. And after the birth of Jamie, Deb and Nathan form a good relationship with Deb being Jamie's nanny to help the Scott family. But she later returned to help Haley during Nathan being kidnapped.

Royal Scott

Royal Scott
Relationship: Grandfather
Details: During Nathan's childhood like with his father, Nathan and Royal had a very weak relationship with Royal pressuring Nathan with basketball, and Nathan was scared of his grandfather. But when Royal was rude to Haley, Nathan stood up to his grandfather and along with secrets being revealed, it's unknown what happened to the relationship between the two.

May Scott

May Scott
Relationship: Grandmother
Details: When Nathan's rough relationship with his grandfather he didn't often see his grandmother but when he did they seemed to get on well and they both seemed to care for each other. But after an argument between Nathan, Royal and Dan its unknown what happened to their relationship.

Lucas Scott

Lucas Scott
Relationship: Half-brother
Details: There is 3 months between the two brothers and Dan turned Nathan against Lucas as a child but when in their junior year Lucas joined the Ravens - trying to mess with him, Nathan started to be tutored by Lucas's best friend Haley, but they fell in love and Lucas and Nathans relationship improved and they became brothers. And even through rough times with their father murdering their uncle their friendship grew even closer.They even had a bestfriend relationship but their relationship grow closer they begin to start acting more like brothers. When Nathan's son Jamie was born, Lucas was the god-father.

Cooper Lee

Cooper Lee
Relationship: Uncle
Details: Cooper and Nathan share a close relationship. In Season 2, he comes back to Tree Hill to help out Nathan who has been depressed from his marital problems with Haley, taking him and Lucas to a race track where Nathan purposely skids into a wall thinking about Haley. In the Season 3 finale, Nathan dives off of the Molina Bridge to rescue Rachel and Cooper who wrecked off of the bridge into the water below. Both of those near-death experiences for Nathan creates tension between Cooper and Nathan's father, Dan, but does not change the bond between Nathan and Cooper.

Keith Scott

Keith Scott
Relationship: Uncle
Details: Due to Dan and Keith's rocky relationship Nathan and Keith didn't have a very strong relationship although Keith tried to protect Nathan from Dan. And while Dan was in hospital, Keith gave Nathan a job at Dan Scott Motors and together they built a car for Nathan's family. When Keith died Nathan was devastated but wished they had be closer.

Lily Roe Scott
Relationship: Cousin
Details: Lily was born the same day as Nathan's son Jamie and due to the closeness of Haley and Lily's mother Karen it's likely they had a good relationship. But soon after Lily's birth her family went travelling around the world, so its unlikely they saw much of each other - although Jamie and Lily kept in close contact.
Lily Nathan

Jimmy James
Relationship: Father-in-law
Details: Jimmy was at first hesitate to allow Nathan to marry Haley, but when he did he made Nathan promise to protect Haley. Shortly after they were married the James traveled around the world but since Haley was very close to her parents its likely Nathan remained in contact with Jimmy until Jimmy's untimely death.
Nathan jimmy

Lydia James
Relationship: Mother-in-law
Details: After Lydia agreed Nathan could marry Haley, the two formed a strong caring relationship and before her death she told Haley that she knew Nathan was the one for her. She also spoke to Nathan thanking her for looking after her daughter while Nathan thanked for raising the women he loved.

Taylor James

Taylor James
Relationship: Sister-in-law
Details: Nathan lost his virginity to Taylor which made their relationship difficult and uncomfortable, with members of Haley's family often teasing the two on their previous history. But they never had a good relationship afterwards. See Main Article on their romantic history: Here
211 tay n n play in sea

Three James Brothers
Relationship: Brothers-in-law
Details: It's likely that the brothers and Nathan had a strong relationship like he did with most of Haley's family as they would often have family gathering together like; thanksgiving.

Quinn James

Quinn James
Relationship: Sister-in-law
Details: Like with most of Haley's family Quinn and Nathan had a good relationship but when she moved into the Scott house after her divorce from David, Quinn started to see Nathan's close friend Clayton their relationship with Quinn supporting Nathan during his scandal with Renee Richardson but it became strained when Nathan lost his contract because Nathan believed Quinn was distracting Clay but they regained their good relationship after Quinn helped Clay get back Nathan's contract. Nathan supported Quinn after her shooting and Quinn helped with Nathan's kidnapping bringing the two together.

Vivian James

Vivian James
Relationship: Sister-in-law
Details: It's likely that Vivian and Nathan had a strong relationship like he did with most of Haley's family as they would often have family gathering together like; thanksgiving.

Peyton Sawyer

Peyton Sawyer
Relationship: Sister-in-law
Details: Peyton and Nathan had previously dated before she married Lucas. But after the two dated they formed a good bond and friendship, unlike what they had, had during their relationship and with Peyton's marriage they became closer. See Main Article on their romantic history: Here

Sawyer Scott

Sawyer Scott
Relationship: Niece
Details: Due to Nathan's close relationship with his brother and his wife Peyton its likely that Nathan and Sawyer had a good relationship, although soon after her birth Sawyer and her parent started travelling around the world but its likely that they remained in contact.
Scott family

Clay Evans
Relationship: Brother-in-law
Details: Originally Clay was Nathan's sport agent but the two quickly became close friends regularly hanging out together with Clay becoming close to Nathan's family. But when Clay wasn't able to secure Nathan a contract and started dating Nathan's sister-in-law (which he had asked him not to do) they fell out until Clay was able to get him and better deal and showed Nathan he would treat Quinn right not just sleep with her. When Clay was shot Nathan came to support him and wanted to donate his kidney to him but was unable bringing their friendship closer together. They then went into business together so Clay wouldn't loss all his clients. Clay helped find Nathan also when he was kidnapped and proudly shared his newly discovered son to Nathan.

Logan Evans
Relationship: Nephew
Details: Due to Clay and Nathan's relationship also well as Haley and Quinn's the two families were very close and spent a lot of time together making it likely Nathan and Logan would have gotten on well.

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