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Nick Chavez

Portrayed by Rey Valentin

Episode Count
Nick Chavez
English teacher
Family Members
None known
S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8
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S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8
Nick Chavez was an English teacher and former model who started to date Brooke Davis until he discovered she was a student at Tree Hill High School, whereupon she discovered he was her new teacher. They continued their affair until Brooke caught Nick cheating on her. He subsequently left the school and resigned his post.

Character History

Season 4

Nick was first seen when Rachel sets up Brooke with him on a blind date and lying about her age.The two eventually start to like each other.While on the date Brooke lies to him when they come near Tree Hill High School that she used to be a cheerleader there.Both of them secretly go inside and make out in the classroom. Brooke leaves early in the morning but Nick stays behind. Soon, Principal Turner comes and asks him what he was doing and he replies that he was preparing for his first day as a teacher at school.In the next class when Brooke comes she finds that Nick was her new English teacher and she runs to the women's room immediately.She then goes to apologize to Nick lying about her age but Nick insists to continue their relationship secretly.The two share a good kiss.

Nick continues his relationship with Brooke as he goes to Rachel's house where Brooke was staying and they two always go on a "Night Date" almost every night.Rachel sees this and she thinks taking advantage of Nick.Rachel goes for the photoshoot on the cover of 'Maxim' and tries to flirt with Nick in school but he refuses and tells her to come and visit him after school.She then goes to Nick and says that she will tell about his relationship with Brooke to Principal Turner.Nick begs her to stay quiet.She then closes the door and tries to hit on Nick but he refuses and eventually Rachel tell the principal about him and Brooke.So,he gets suspended from Tree Hill High School.

Rachel lies to Brooke about Nick and tells her that he tried to hit on her. Listening to this, Brooke breaks up with Nick but Nick eventually comes to Brooke to tell her the truth and they share a passionate kiss.Nick then sees Tia, Brooke's fashion model when she asks him how the dress looks on her.When Brooke learns that Rachel told Principal Turner she moves out of her house and goes to see Nick.Nick invites her in but when she sees Tia she angrily slaps him two times and breaks up with him.


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