Ohio State University is a college in Ohio. It is the college that Rachel and Jacob picked to be with each other after high school and is the place were Jacob and Rachel got engaged.
Ohio State University
University Hall, The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio)
First Appearance
Goodbye Tree Hill and Hello Ohio
Last Appearance
We Are Young
Ohio State University
Significant Faculty
Urban Meyer (football coach)
Basketball Team
{{{Basketball Team}}}
Cheer Squad
Ohio State cheerleaders

One Tree Hill

Jacob and Rachel attend OSU shortly before they got engaged and married. When Jacob got a football scholarship he wasn't sure if he was going because he didn't want to leave his sister or friends behind though Brooke encouraged him to go and play football and also told him he should take Rachel with him because Brooke knows Jacob loves Rachel. Later down the road Rachel actually applied for Ohio State and told Jacob which made him happy and told her about the football scholarship and he wasn't sure if he was going to take it until Rachel applied for the same college. When they were about to leave for college Jacob and Rachel had a going away party and saw a teary-eyed Brooke and made it Brooke sad because she had protected her brother for so long and she loves him dearly.

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