The following are the details of the relationships that Peyton Sawyer has been a part of throughout and before the series.

Nathan Scott
Start Up: Before Pilot
Break Up: Crash Into You
Relationship: Boyfriend
Details: During their first two years of high school, Nathan Scott, the basketball star, entered a romance with the lonely cheerleader, Peyton Sawyer. They had a very argumentative relationship that often had them breaking up and then reuniting with each other several times each week. Nathan showed little interest in Peyton and her likes, other than for sex. Then Peyton met Lucas and learned what it was like to have a guy in her life who respected her and treated her well. The last straw was her learning about Lucas' mom Karen Roe and how she had let Dan Scott treat her like crap. Refusing to repeat the same pattern she ended things with Nathan. He didn't take it seriously at first, But gave up after she made it clear she had moved on to Lucas. Once Nathan became involved with Haley he became a changed person. Nathan and Peyton went on to form a very close friendship. She helped Nathan when things got tough while Haley was on tour, even though she was struggling with problems of her own. She became Nathan's sister-in-law when she married Lucas.
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Lucas Scott

Lucas Scott
Start Up: Hanging by a Moment
Marriage: Forever and Almost Always

Relationship: Husband
Details: Looking back, Peyton felt an intense connection to Lucas from the moment their eyes first met. They first spoke in junior year when her car broke down. At the time she was dating Nathan Scott. She went out of her way to treat him horribly at first, even though the sparks between them were clear. But he showed her nothing but kindness, respect and encouraged her belief in her artwork. Things she clearly never had with Nathan. She broke up with him and made her move on Lucas at a party, sharing their first kiss. She was thinking only of a physical relationship but when he made it clear how strongly he felt about her and she was frightened off. He later helped to rescue her when he was drugged and nearly raped at a college party. She confessed she shared his feelings only to discover he had gotten involved with her best friend Brooke Davis. He chose to remain with Brooke, and she became very jealous of the two of them. While he was helping her through a hard time, they give in to their feelings Lucas and Peyton began a affair behind Brooke's back They didn't consider the consequences until Lucas broke up with Brooke to be with her. Feeling guilty about how upset Brooke was, Peyton ended their relationship. In the end a rift was formed between them that lasted months. Peyton went through a dark time and Lucas found a way to help, asking Jake to come back into her life During the summer, the pain of Jake's departure and the shock off Ellie's arrival was very hard on her. Lucas was there to help and support her and they became extremely close. She helped Lucas and Brooke form a real relationship. During the school shooting she is struck in the leg and Lucas puts his life on the line to protect her. She confesses her love and kisses him. Later they pretend it was a simple act of gratitude on her part in order to spare Brooke pain. Tired of being alone, she visits Jake in Savannah, rekindling their relationship and she even proposes. But when she says that she loved Lucas in her sleep he tells her to go home. and figure out who she really loved. She soon realizes she still was and had always been in love with Lucas. She admitted this to Brooke, who ended their friendship and broke up with Lucas too when she learned about the kiss. Lucas saved Peyton's life again when she was deceived by a guy who turned out to be an internet stalker. Once Lucas and Brooke decide to just be friends Peyton confesses her love for him. But he is so unprepared for it all he can say is "oh". It is only after the state championship the next night that he realizes that he still loved her too and they begin a official relationship for the first time. They are blissfully happy together until they graduate, finally consummating their relationship. She then moves to L.A to pursue a career in the music business while he remains close to home to help his mom with Lily and Nathan and Haley with his godson. Distance makes things hard for them, so he pays her a surprise visit and proposes. But she feels she is not ready and wants to wait. He sees this as a rejection and returns home, ending their relationship. When Peyton returned to Tree Hill, Lucas was in a relationship with Lindsey, the editor of his book. This caused him a lot of trouble because it was clear they were still in love with each other. But Lucas was in deep denial and even proposed to Lindsey. Peyton visited Lucas and begged him not to marry Lindsey. But in the end told him she would he supportive if she was what he truly wanted. Lucas and Lindsey almost got married, but Lindsey finally understood the meaning of Lucas' new book *The Comet" (it was a clear unconscious metaphor for Peyton and the old car she drove). Lindsey left him at the altar. After getting past the pain and depression, Lucas realizes at last who he truly loves. He calls Peyton and asks her if she wanted to elope to Las Vegas. They decide to return home for the ceremony though. Shortly after, they learn that Peyton is pregnant. But their joy becomes worry as she has a condition called placenta previa, meaning she could die if she had the baby. Lucas was scared, but Peyton insisted on taking the risk and keeping the baby. The decided not to wait to get married and wed by the lake where they first spoke. On their wedding night, she collapsed and went into labor. She gave birth to a baby girl, Sawyer Brooke Scott. Lucas and Peyton decided to leave Tree Hill with Sawyer and start a new life together.

Jake Jagielski

Jake Jagielski
Start Up: Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
Break Up: The Tide That Left and Never Came Back
Relationship: Boyfriend
Details: Peyton first showed an interest in Jake when he performed at open mic night at Karen's cafe. It was clear the interest was mutual. After her brief affair with Lucas ended badly, she and Jake spent a lot of time together. She would babysit Jenny, she was the first person outside his family he trusted to do so. Before things got much further between them though, Nicki returned and started battling him for custody. Peyton and her dad helped Jake leave town to protect his daughter. She told Brooke later that she wasn't totally sure if what she felt for him was real or if she was just rebounding from Lucas. She tried to stay in touch but he never responded to her e-mails Over the next few months Peyton battled depression. Lucas got very worried and contacted Jake, asking him to return, knowing he will he very good for her.Jake saves her from the brink of disaster. and they begin living together. Their feelings grow and they finally enter into a real relationship. But the day after they consummate their relationship Nicki returns to launch another custody fight. Jake ends up in jail to protect Jenny,, it was there they admitted their love for each other. This all put a strain on her, but Lucas and her other friends offered their support. In the end Nicki got hold of Jenny and fled,. Jake had no choice but to go after her. Peyton wanted to go but he refused to let her,. He urged her to let him go and left, breaking her heart. Lucas helped her get back on her feet. It was months later that Jake got back in touch, having heard about her being injured in the school shooting. Eventually, Peyton decided she was tired of being alone and paid Jake a visit in Savannah. They soon rekindled their relationship and she told him about losing Ellie and how lonely she had become. When Jenny calls her "mama" Peyton sees a chance at a real family again and decides to stay, proposing to Jake. Jake happily accepts, but that might heard her mumble "I love you Lucas" in her sleep. After confronting her and learning what happened in the library he realizes she is in denial about her true feelings because she was terrified of hurting Brooke again. He told her to go home and figure out how she really felt. He promises to be there if she decided Lucas wasn't right for her, But she soon accepted how she really felt and never came back.

Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz
Start Up: Just Watch the Fireworks
Ended: When It Isn't Like It Should Be

Relationship: Attraction
Details: Peyton first met Pete when he performed in the concert for Ellie's cancer benefits CD "Friends With Benefit". They sparks were obvious and they spent more time together, but his busy schedule made it very difficult. He was her first love interest since Jake left and she happily told her friends about it. But no one really believed her stories until he tuned up at the retreat where they were all attempting to move past the shooting. They spent a romantic evening together and Pete later invited her to visit him in Chicago. Her father was tolerant of this at first, as he was helping her get past what happened. But he insisted she should be with a guy who respected and loved her. So in the end she broke up with Pete and instead tried to rekindle her romance with Jake.

Julian Baker

Julian Baker
Start Up: Between All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone and 4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days Seen in Sympathy for the Devil)
Break Up: Between All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone and 4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days Seen in Sympathy for the Devil)
Relationship: Boyfriend
Details: Julian and Peyton met in L.A. and started dating after Peyton refused Lucas Scott’s proposal and they split up. Peyton and Julian eventually moved in together and, as Peyton described it, "fell in love". Julian soon realized Peyton still had strong feelings for Lucas and ended their relationship, leaving them both devastated. Peyton later hears some untrue rumors about Julian and develops a low opinion of him. So when Julian arrived in Tree Hill with an offer to make Lucas' book into a movie she was very suspicious. She assumed he was either there for revenge or to win her back. But she hesitated to tell Lucas about their past fearing how he would react. He eventually found out on his own. This caused some tension, but Peyton encouraged him to keep doing the movie despite his distaste for Julian, knowing it was important to him. When Brooke got interested in him, Peyton told her some things about Julian and almost derailed things. But after meeting with Julian's dad (who she was very close to) she found out that her low opinion of Julian was unwarranted. She encouraged Brooke to give him another chance and he turned out to be the love of her life. Years later she was supposed to be maid-of-honor at their wedding but they could not attend as he daughter was sick.

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