The following are the details of Quinn Evans' family.

Clay Evans
Relationship: Husband
Details: Clay and Quinn's relationship was made official after Quinn helped Clay get Nathan back as a client, forcing Clay to exclaim to Nathan and Haley that he planned on falling "completely and insanely in love with her". They then moved in and there relationship continued to grow closer and did fall in love. They also over came Clay being stalked by Katie Ryan and were both shot but they got through it and became a stronger couple and more in love especially following their shooting. When Clay started sleep walking it strained their relationship due to Clay being unable to talk to Quinn about it and not wanting to involve her but once he discovered he had repressed the memory of his son Quinn became more involved and eventually they became and family and quickly got engaged and then married with Logan by their sides.

Logan Evans
Relationship: Adoptive Son
Details: Logan was first Quinn's step-son but when Clay and Quinn married, Clay get back the costity of Logan and Quinn adopted him officially, that make him her adoptive son. Both met when Logan accepted to be in his father's life. They developed a strong bond, and Logan considered Quinn as a great maternal figure in his life.

Lydia James

Jimmy James
Relationship: Father
Details: Jimmy is Quinn's father and, being as Jimmy was very close to all his children, Quinn was especially the closet to her father while Haley was with their mother. Quinn's free spirited attitude was influence somewhat by her parents who were also very relaxed and forgiving in their parenting. When Quinn was a teenager, she was sort of a tomboy and played basketball with her dad practically everynight.

Lydia James
Relationship: Mother
Details: Like Jimmy, Lydia had a good relationship with Quinn and helped shape her into the person that she is today .Before Lydia's death she rented Quinn a gallery so she could work on her dream and they were able to spend time together before her death.

Haley James Scott
Relationship: Sister
Details: Quinn and Haley are two very close sisters who always turn to eachother in their times of need and Haley always looked up to Quinn, admiring her. When Quinn left David she returned home to her hometown, and to her dependable sister Haley and Haley was there for her as she struggled to cope with the ramifications of the end of her marriage. However, Quinn's relationship with Clayton and her siding with him after he failed to renew Nathan's NBA caused the two sisters struggled to let the argument come between them, especially after Haley asserted some of the fault to Quinn for distracting Clay. Quinn then left the house, fracturing her relationship with Haley who told her that she no longer admired her. But they quickly recoiled and had to support each other through the death of their mother which lead to Haley's depression. Quinn stepped in to care for Jamie and help Haley through. When Quinn was shot Haley remained with her sister throughout the ordeal and helping her recover and deal with Clay. Once these issues were dealt with Quinn was very supportive and hands on during Haley's second pregnancy resulting in her being named the godmother. When Nathan's went missing it was Quinn Haley relied on to help her and once again care for Jamie.

Taylor James
Relationship: Sister
Details: Taylor and Quinn had a very different relationship to Quinn and Haley. Both being more relaxed and fun-loving than their straight-laced sister they formed a bond on this, often joining together to pull pranks on Haley or their other sisters. Quinn and Taylor have been described as having a very close relationship.

Vivian James
Relationship: Sister
Details: Vivian is Quinn's other sister althought little is known about the relationship between the two but its thought that considering the closeness of the rest of the family that the two oldest sister would have a good relationship and Vivian rushed to Quinn side when she was shoot.
James Flash

Nathan Scott
Relationship: Brother-in-law
Details: Nathan and Quinn relationship was good, and Nathan showed respect for her and tried to protected as much as he did any other family members. However, after Quinn came to Tree Hill she and Nathan came to blows after he requested that she doesn't see Clayton any more because she was running away from her problems, and Quinn retailiated by calling him a coward for running away from his problems with Renee. The two eventually made up, but this was short lived as Clayton soon failed to renew Nathan's NBA contract and Quinn sided with Clay, shattering her relationships with both Haley and Nathan. But they later recoiled and Nathan supported Quinn after her shooting and Quinn helped with Nathan's kidnapping bringing the two together.

Jamie Scott
Relationship: Nephew
Details: Like with all Jamie aunts, Quinn has a very close relationship. And Jamie would often visit Quinn and her husband David during the weekend and enjoyed spending time with them. When Quinn separated from her husband she came to live with the Scotts and form are sibling like relationship with Jamie, once even setting up a treasure hunt to entertain Jamie during Haley's depression.

Lydia Scott
Relationship: Niece/Goddaughter
Details: When Quinn was shot, Haley said to Quinn that she wants that Quinn will be the godmother of is future child Lydia Bob Scott. Quinn is very glad from to be the godmother and she really loves her goddaugther Lydia Scott.

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