Rachcob is the official/fanon friendship pairing of Rachel Gatina and Jacob Davis. Rachel actually treats Jacob with respect and kindness.

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Like A Man Against The World

Jacob met Rachel during his first day at Tree Hill High and they never interacted much, but Rachel actually could tell he has attention deficit disorder and she helped him with the rest of his tour of the school and she introduced him to everyone on the squad. During Jacob's first gym class Rachel and Jacob played dodgeball on the same team and won when Jacob defeated Nathan's team in minutes.

All That Goes Up Must Come Down

When Jacob revealed he likes Bevin Rachel tried to help him which almost worked until school ended.

The Hearts Want What The Hearts Want

Jacob and Rachel both got excited when Jacob asked Bevin out. Later on in the chapter Rachel reveals she is jealous because she had fallen for Jacob, but she kept it from him as she did not want to ruin their friendship.

Happy Birthday & Thanksgiving Jacob

During the events of chapter 6 Jacob eventually believes he made a mistake in dating Bevin and later wanted to be with Rachel, but he didn't think Rachel liked him the way Bevin likes him. Jacob later runs to Rachel when he finds out Bevin had cheated on him and Rachel held him closer and she had reported her friend's broken heart to Brooke and Brooke went off on Bevin for what she did.

(I've Had) The Time Of My Life

After Jacob had broken up with Bevin Jacob began dating Rachel and believed he waited forever for a girl like her. Rachel ended up also becoming Jacob's prom date for his first prom at Tree Hill High.

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