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Scott-Lee residence
Also known as: Lee residence
Scott residence
Type: Single-family house
Status: Vacant
Owned by: Formerly:
Daniel Scott
Deborah Lee
Residents: Formerly:
Dan Scott
Deb Lee
Nathan Scott
Lucas Scott (briefly)
Location(s): Tree Hill, North Carolina
First Appearance: "Pilot"
(episode 1.01)

The Scott-Lee residence, otherwise known as the Lee residence or the original Scott residence, was the home of Dan and Deb Scott (née Lee) and their son, Nathan.

Lucas Scott, Dan's eldest son, came to live here temporarily during season two. However, he only did so in an effort to bring down his father after being blackmailed about his heart condition.


Living room


Master bedroom

Second bedroom

At a party during junior year Peyton Sawyer leads Lucas to a bedroom where they nearly had sex. But when Lucas confessed his love this made Peyton uncomfortable and she walked out, not quite ready to return those feelings yet. She came to regret that choice shortly after and Lucas' broken heart led him to make a series of bad decisions that made their lives messy for a long time to come.

During another party during senior year Lucas and Peyton decide to consummate their relationship in that same bedroom. She was glad by then they did not have sex the previous year, knowing it would be more meaningful now that they were totally in love. But they are interrupted when someone finds a sex tape Nathan had made years earlier with a drunken Brooke Davis, leading to another unfortunate series of events.

Nathan Scott

Lucas Scott

Upstairs bathroom


  • Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer shared their first kiss here while attending Dan Scott's annual fund-raising party for the Tree Hill Ravens.