The following are the details of the relationships that Taylor James has been a part of throughout and before the series.

Dan Thompson
Start Up: Before Pilot

Relationship: Fling
Details: Dan was originally dating Taylor's younger sister Quinn so Taylor slept with him to get back at her. Nothing else happened in their relationship.

Nathan Scott

Nathan Scott
Start Up: Before Pilot

Relationship: Fling
Details: After joining the Ravens, Nathan threw an after party for a game they won. Celebrating, the team got extremely drunk, including Nathan. Nathan was soon approached by Taylor, and the two spent the night together. That night was the night Nathan lost his virginity, but his memory is often blurry due to the amount of alcohol consumed on that night. Taylor later returned when Nathan was married to her sister, Haley. After they met again after Haley went on tour they flirted and almost slept together, but Nathan couldn't because of his love for Haley and Taylor revealed that she was just testing him to make him realize that he loved her sister.


David Fletcher
Start Up: Before Weeks Go By Like Days
Break Up: My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good
Relationship: Boyfriend
Details: After her sister divorced David due to them changing and falling out of love, Taylor returns to Tree Hill and moves in the Scott household with her new boyfriend, David. Taylor flaunted her relationship with David in front of her sisters, resulting in a fight after Haley tried to mae Taylor see that what she was doing was wrong. However, Quinn later gave Taylor and David her blessing on the condition that Taylor wouldn't hurt David. He eventually left Taylor, however, after realizing their being together wasn't right.

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