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The Apartment
Type: One bedroom apartment
Status: Vacant
Residents: Formerly:
Nathan Scott
Haley James Scott
Brooke Davis
Location(s): Tree Hill, North Carolina

The single-bedroom apartment in Tree Hill was initially the home of Nathan Scott after his emancipation from his parents and, after their marriage in season one, of Haley James Scott. After their separation, however, Nathan vacated the apartment, thus allowing Brooke Davis to move in at the start of season three. With Haley's return to Tree Hill, Brooke allowed her to move back in and the two became roommates.

Upon Nathan and Haley's reconciliation and their second wedding, Brooke decided to return the apartment to Nathan and Haley and temporarily moved in with Peyton Sawyer in the fourth season.


It’s Nathan Scott who first rented the apartment after his emancipation. Later he married Haley James who moved with him, in the apartment. After the departure of Haley, Nathan left the home and returned live with his mother. After the holidays Brooke rented the flat for her and for Haley who returned to her former home. Then Nathan and Haley lived again together in the flat after renewing their relationship with Brooke moved in Peyton's house. During Haley’s pregnancy, the spouses moved in Nathan’s mother and Brooke returned in the flat with Peyton. Later they departed Los Angeles leaving the apartment not to be seen again.


Living room

Nathan and Haley

Brooke and Haley




Nathan and Haley

Brooke and Haley

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