The Heart of A True Fighter is a chapter of One Tree Hill. The plot revolves around Jacob getting shot and was placed in the hospital for surgery.


In the morning when Jacob heads off to school he was shot outside of his home and had to be placed into an ambulance. Later at the high school Brooke and Peyton were awaiting Jacob's arrive and he never showed up meaning that they think he is in trouble so they called the house phone and no one answered. Lucas later shows up and tells the girls Jacob was shot outside of his and Brooke's home and they planned to rush to the hospital, but were stopped by Principal Turner and told to go inside the school. As Peyton and Brooke start to get more worried about Jacob they planned to sneak out of the classroom and rush to hospital to see Jacob. Later the school was watching the news and learned about what happened to Jacob and were worried if he was going to make it. Back in the hospital Peyton and Brooke asked about Jacob and the nurse said he was in surgery right now and would be a while before they can see him. After an hour of waiting Brooke and Peyton were informed that Jacob will be back to normal as the bullet missed his heart and ribs. Once Brooke had entered the room with Peyton they notice a sleeping Jacob and he woke up and started talking to them and he revealed he wanted to move in with Peyton and her foster dad because he is sick and tired of his and Brooke's mom and dad fighting. The following day Jacob was still in the hospital and was visited by Haley and Nathan who gave him get will soon cards and tell them they appreciate him and are always there for him if he needs them and he asked if Bevin might stop by to see him and Haley said she might and Bevin enters the room with flowers and said the principal has a surprise for him back at the high school. Once Jacob was checked out of the hospital he returns to school with Brooke and Bevin and they were walking to the hallway were principal Turner is and once they're inside the school principal Turner revealed Jacob on the honor wall. After school ended Jacob and Brooke went home and Jacob started packing as he is wanting to move in with Peyton, thus breaking Brooke's heart and caused her to blame her own mother and father.

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