The Hearts Wants What The Hearts Wants is a fan episode of One Tree Hill. This episode takes place after Jacob had joined Tree Hill High.


A few weeks have past since Jacob had became a student at Tree Hill High and the school made a wall of honor for him even though he has not done much. In homeroom Jacob sits with his friend Bevin and the teacher tells the class about the dance that same night and Jacob asked his best friend Bevin to the dance and she said she would be glad to be his date. Later on during lunch Jacob sits with his sister and is joined by Bevin who anxious to dance with her best buddy. After the day ends Jacob heads over to Bevin's house as Bevin's mom is driving them to prom and when Bevin came out in her dress Jacob's jaw dropped and as they walk into the prom Jacob started to fall in love with Bevin and half of the students said they belong together. As everyone starts dancing Jacob decided he was ready to date again and he asked Bevin to be his girlfriend. Peyton later decides to go home before the dance was about over and Jacob said he'll be staying with Bevin at her house and will return home the following morning. When the next school day arrives Brooke notices Jacob isn't feeling good

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