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Tree Hill High Library was a library located inside the Tree Hill High School.


Season 1

Nathan Scott and Haley James do research on coach Whitey Durham on the computers. While there Haley sees Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer making out behind the shelves. She was outraged because he was dating Brooke Davis at the time and later confronted him.

Season 2

Season 3

After being accidentally shot in the leg by Jimmy Edwards during the school shooting, Peyton was unable to walk and crawled into the library to hide. Lucas found found her and did his best to reassure her and prevent her from bleeding to death while they hid from Jimmy. When she lost hope that she would live, Peyton confessed her love to Lucas and kissed him. When she passed out from blood loss, Lucas had no choice to to carry her out, despite the risk to his own life.

The two met there again during the party held to help the students recover. They agreed to pretend the kiss never happened so their relationship would not change and to avoid hurting Brooke.

Season 4

Broke attempted to flirt with Chase Adams without success. She complained about it to Mouth McFadden, who was not sympathetic. This was also where Mouth met Shelly Simon.

Season 5

During the Ravens first game the ladies all find themselves trapped in the library and miss the whole thing.Peyton and Lindsey Strauss get into their nastiest argument yet and Peyton realizes she had gone too far and they make an uneasy truce.

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9


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