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Tree Hill Lake was a lake on the outskirts of Tree Hill. The lake was in the middle of a forest that ran by a road. It was often passed by many when entering Tree Hill and many adored the view as they passed. The lake was the first place Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer met. When her car broke down, Peyton had to wait for Lucas to pick her up and this is the first time the attraction was formed in their lives.


Season 1

Lucas first spoke to Peyton here when her car overheated and she called for a tow truck. He admitted years later that he could have filled her car with antifreeze on site, but he towed the car in so he would have an excuse to talk to his long-time crush again. She was in a foul mood and treated him horribly. But he did not react to her insults and made every effort to befriend her, which left a clear impression on her. When her inconsiderate boyfriend at the time, Nathan Scott, failed to pick her up, Lucas offered her a ride back to town.

Season 2

Season 3

The comet overheated again on the same stretch of road due to a hole in her radiator. She called for a tow truck and called Nathan to pick her up since Lucas was out of town. This time he did show up to help. They also chatted with Marcus, the tow truck driver. He was a fellow survivor of the school shooting who had dropped out of school.

Season 4

After they became a couple, Lucas and Peyton started calling the lake "their spot" and would often spend time there discussing their future or making out.

Lucas admitted much later that he would visit the place alone while Peyton was living in Los Angeles.

Season 5

Season 6

Lucas brought Peyton to the lake to formally propose with an engagement ring. When the two decided to have a last minute wedding before the baby arrived they had the ceremony at the lake, performed by their friend Haley James-Scoot..

Influence in Leyton Relationship


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