Portrayed by Lorna Raver

Episode Count
Agatha Harkness
Family Members
Nicholas Scratch (son)
S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8
Zelda was Quinn James' psychic who visited Quinn, Brooke and Haley during their girls night in. She performed readings for Brooke and Haley, who were both under the influence of "special brownies" at the time, and Quinn as well.


Season 7

During her reading, Haley asked Zelda if Nathan would play for the bobcats and Haley then noted that she sounded like a Magic 8 ball when she said that the "prospects were looking hazy". When Brooke had her reading, Zelda had little work to do when Brooke guessed that her reading would tell her that Julian was conflicted over Alex Dupre - and Zelda agreed. Zelda's only true reading came when she saw Quinn and told her that a man in her life was struggling and needed her help and told her that it wasn't David, but someone else. This reading caused Quinn to go and find Clayton and she then discovered about his dead wife Sara. But before she leaves the Scott household she scares a high Brooke and Haley but telling them something is in the house; leading them to become paranoid and sneak around the house until they work out she was telling them Jamie's bunny was in the house who they then find in the closet. ("I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight")

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